Strategies to optimise Google My Business for Hotels

Strategies to optimise Google My Business for Hotels

It’s a tough competitive world out there in the business of hospitality! To stay in the forefront you need to try out all strategies and Google My Business for hotels is one such tool you can use optimally as a hospitality business owner. 

Google My Business (GMB), one of the least-rated features of Google is a free local search product that opens the door to a cluster of hotel SEO opportunities. It also brings increased visibility and boosts online presence in local searches of hotel properties or any such business.

Cedar Software Technologies, prime Digital Marketing Company in Kochi takes you through some strategies to optimise Google My Business for Hotels. Just read on…

How can hotels optimise their GMB listing?

Provide detailed and accurate information

Displaying correct and detailed information means your hotel has a better chance of ranking higher on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). With high ranking, the more likely is the conversion of customers. Two new features like “Health & Safety” and “COVID-19 responder policy” are provided by GMB. You can fill out these fields to relieve the concerns of guests looking for economic rates & safety protocols. A contact number will help them reach out & provide an immediate response from your team. 

Supports “Near Me” searches

Recent surveys reveal that when travellers search for hotels with the “near me” option, they are eagerly trying to book a hotel. And if detailed information about your hotel is readily available on your GMB listing, the probability of converting your potential customer is higher. With domestic travel on the rise, local “near me” searches play an important role in driving business for your hotel.

Take advantage of reviews

Harness the power of reviews! It greatly influences your Google star rating as customers can form an opinion of your hotel even before they step into your hotel. Google reviews help you display your credibility, concern for guest experience and appreciation for guests. 

Google Posts

Now begin to boost your SEO with Google Posts!. Truly a great feature that permits you to display content directly on SERPs. You also get a notification of how many views your post has accumulated. Post high-quality images of your hotel like exterior shots, amenities, room interiors, employees serving guests and other unique features. This will help your guests get an idea of your property.

Publishing high-quality content (videos and photos) will help your hotel to boost brand awareness and also reach a wider audience. This can also speed up the guest’s decision-making process leading to improved chances of conversion. 

Benefit from “Price Insights”

A sure-fire way to convey the discount deals or best prices of your hotel to customers! GMB displays “price insights” when a guest searches for a hotel on Google which helps guests to evaluate hotels and choose the most economical one. 

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