How to choose good website colour schemes in 2022?

How to choose good website colour schemes in 2022?

Are you building your brand from scratch or renovating your existing website? Be up to date on the recent trends! How to choose a good website colour that suits your site’s unique character and style scheme is rather confusing! Here’s a guide on how to choose good website colour schemes in 2022 from Cedar Software Technologies, top Website Design Companies in India.

Colour has an immense impact on branding! Colours can instigate certain feelings on sight! Most people also claim the colour has a major influence on what they buy, acceptance or rejection of a product. Even button colours are important on a website. You should play around with colours until you find a combination that works for you and what you want your brand to signify.

How do you find a colour scheme that works for you? Before you decide on the colours, you first need to get a good grasp on what you’re selling/providing.

Choose a primary colour for your website

Just think about the vibe of your product or service, and find out colours that fit that vibe for your website. Just check out what each colour implies:
Red: excitement or happiness
Orange: a friendly, fun time is ahead
Yellow: optimism and happiness
Green: freshness and nature
Blue: dependability and reassurance
Purple: a distinguished brand that has a history of quality
Brown: a reliable product that can be used by anyone
Black: luxury or elegance
White: sleek, user-friendly products

If there already exists coloured logo, a primary colour that matches your branding makes sense. Moreover, you can play around the saturation of your primary colour to make it interesting.

Choose your additional colours

After fixing a primary colour for your website, it’s time to choose the other colours. Consider colour compliments! Each colour has a counterpart that makes it “pop”. If you’re using a predominantly green website, red calls to action or red features will stand out. Do not clutter colours but try to only have one or two colours above your primary colour.

Choose a background colour

The website background takes up more space than any other colour. A more muted version of your primary colour can help to solidify your branding. Or, you could just have the whole background in an off-white colour. It’s inoffensive, and doesn’t deter the text, images or links on the page.

Choose a typeface colour

A good typeface colour makes your website easy to read which is highly important! A black typeface on a white background is 100% contrast but it can lead to eye strain and will deter people from reading through your website. Grey and its shades will give your website a softer, more inviting look.

Now that you have had an overview on how to choose a good website colour scheme you can proceed more confidently. Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Kochi, Cedar can partner you to design creative, attractive and functional websites.

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