How to choose the Platform with the best ROI for your business?

How to choose the Platform with the best ROI for your business?

Businesses nowadays are well aware of the power of social media platforms in branding. As social media marketing is constantly growing, do you know which social media channels you should invest in to generate the best ROI for your business?

It all depends on the nature of your business, your goals, and your audience’s preferences and demographics. Here’s a rundown on this topic from Cedar Software Technologies, prime Mobile App Development company Kochi.

Not all social media channels are equally effective! You should select only those social media platforms that work for your target audience and your business, with the resources you have to invest. The right social media platform will help you connect with more customers, foster relationships, build trust as well as promote authenticity. To make your social media marketing investment worthwhile, you should analyse different social media platforms, evaluate your strategies and then begin to grow your revenue. Marketing ROI is an essential factor when deciding which channels to focus on.

We review top social media platforms to help you choose the most profitable social media channels that drive the best ROI for your business.

A good platform to build brand awareness and a loyal community. As the largest social media network in the world FB has a massive reach and supports group posts as well. A creative Facebook campaign will help you reach your target customers and imprint your brand in their minds. Investing on FB advertisements can also see better results.

2. LinkedIn
This platform is best for establishing yourself as a knowledgeable brand! By posting informative and shareable content, you can easily establish credibility and authority in your chosen domain. B2B brands also do well on LinkedIn attracting website traffic. Distributing quality content on LinkedIn at least once a week can see an increase in traffic. For generating leads, LinkedIn has a provision to send personalised messages via Sponsored InMail.

3. Instagram
A great platform for product launches and customer engagement, Instagram empowers you to connect to customers and influencers easily. It’s not just comments and likes, you can even engage with swipe up, questions, and polls. You can consider bringing in influencers and partnering with other brands to create Instagram Reels to get better results.

4. Twitter
It is the best platform if customer service is your topmost priority in business! Customers can directly share their grievances with businesses without waiting for hours together. Also, businesses can respond quickly to existing customers and new businesses can instill trust.

5. YouTube
YouTube is a popular social media platform for vlogs (video blogs) and other types of video content. Your business can share anything from how-to guides or instructional videos to tips/tricks and corporate videos.

Now that you have an idea of the various platforms available you can choose the right one with the best ROI for your business. Contact us at Cedar, leading App Developers in India to know more.

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