Top technologies that will transform web development in 2021

Websites are changing fast and they are now transforming into web-apps that create a great user experience! As many businesses want technology integration into web development, web development technologies today tend to extend to mobile devices (Web-apps) as well.

Cedar Software Technologies, premier web design company in Kochi brings to you a glance through some of the top technologies that will transform web development in 2021. 


The gen-next web development technology Progressive Web apps deliver high-end web applications with advanced options like offline mode, responsive web, interactive web etc. They work both on mobile and desktop providing web-apps across devices.

 Single Page Websites

Simple single-page websites are trending now! As a top-rated Web Application Development Company in Kochi, Cedar develops such websites. Single-page websites help businesses to target specific audiences with exact content that is required. These websites are great for upcoming startups.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are readable web pages that make the mobile-friendly experiences a reality! Being fast loading website pages developed through plugins, they provide higher UX with basic features than average PWAs. AMP plugins are favoured for an excellent user interface made without complex coding. 

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Single Page Applications are made with advanced API (Application Programming Interface) technology. As they provide a faster web experience for users with interactive features, SPAs are more popular. SPAs find their application across the technology giants right from Facebook to Google Drive. 

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is all set to reach a sensational $40 billion by 2022! The amazing Voice recognition technologies driving smart speakers have integrated speech recognition and cognitive intelligence. This has boosted e-commerce as it helps consumers access the product information through smart speakers. People can make purchases from their smart speakers & this has elevated e-commerce to new levels! 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (ML) are technologies making revolutionary changes in the business field! They help businesses with automation and predictive approaches. Companies are making their websites intelligent by integrating algorithms of AI and ML for:

  • Supervised learning – It helps the algorithms to learn from data on your website for productive approaches or strategies under human mentoring.
  • Unsupervised learning – This explores self-learning website applications. The AI model merged into your website can analyze real-time data, process it, and provide interactively intelligent responses to user requests.
  • Reinforced learning – This can assess the user problem and provide solutions that are specific to the user. Such AI integrations provide higher levels of personalization through AI.

By merging cognitive intelligence and voice recognition technologies Chatbots have become one of the top technologies of today! As one of the best forms of cognitive computing models, the Bots aggregate data from users through a series of questions. After that they analyze these data, and come up with smart product solutions. 

We hope this list of top technologies that will transform web development in 2021 has been informative to you. Contact us at Cedar Software Technologies to create functional alluring websites. 


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