Best web strategies that can take your business to the next level

Best web strategies that can take your business to the next level

Business growth nowadays is through digitalisation! In terms of growth, a business with a functional attractive website is ages ahead of a business without one. But web strategies are constantly evolving and it is necessary to formulate a strong and successful web strategy to grow your business in this competitive scenario.

Here are some powerful web strategies that can take your business to the next level. One of the best web design companies in Kochi, Cedar Software Technologies gives you an overview to this extent that can give your company an edge over the fierce competition of today!

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Nowadays mobile applications rule the business world!  Adopting a mobile-friendly approach for your website is a smart move towards growing your business. It is also good to include changes in the design of interactive material in your website to be compatible with mobile devices. This provides a better and smoother user experience compared to desktops or laptops.

Use Hero Images

Using big, bold images & large and bold geometric patterns and fonts on the website is a new trend nowadays! This may be because human brains process images much faster than text. Create your business website to reflect this trend. For an even better impact, choose a slideshow format and fill that home page with three or more hero images! Using videos also creates the same effect & helps to attract audiences faster. 

Fresh Landing Pages

The design of landing pages have transformed from pages with more content to information focused, easily accessible light landing pages. Premier Web design companies in Kerala like Cedar create landing pages keeping text to a minimum as users do not have the patience to read more. Riveted web design templates and features like CTAs can also be used on your landing page to address the queries and clarify problems of your users.

Chatbots & Interactive UI

This is the new era of the conversational user interface! Live chats and chatbots make our lives simpler. Integrating automatic response functions into your website will guarantee user commitment and a better user experience.

Nowadays Virtual assistants help users to choose & buy products & even respond to their queries & problems. Users also get the advantage of not having to go through complicated navigation processes through their site. 

Motion UI 

It is the next big thing in web development! You can create custom CSS transitions and animations using the motion user interface functions in the SaaS library. In a production environment prototypes creation is made very easy when you use motion UI. It allows you to explore the navigation functions of a website and also make it attractive to users. 

These are only a few of the best web strategies that can take your business to the next level. Cedar Software Technologies as one of the leading IT companies in Kochi incorporates these web strategies when they build websites. Get in touch with us to create functional SEO-friendly websites for your business to grow!


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  1. I agreed with the first point Mobile-Friendly Websites in other words its called AMP. Thank you for sharing web strategies.

  2. I really appreciate your effort in sharing information with us. Your article never fails to add useful information to my knowledge. You have given really well bifurcation on better web design strategies here. We should update with trends and technology. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep us updated with the 2021 e-commerce website platform

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Can you put light on how to optimize for Website Speed?

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