Have you started your own business? Still clueless how to promote it? For businesses marketing successfully is an ongoing challenge. The competition out there is just too high. Well not to worry! Marketing a business need not cost you a lot. Here are low-cost, effective methods to advertise and promote your business brought to you by Cedar Software Technologies, the leading Web development company in Cochin.

Plan your marketing

 A planned, organized approach always pays off in marketing! Identify your best prospects, and then set a budget. Determine the best promotional strategies to reach your business goals. Check out how your competitors are marketing their business, networking platforms, business communities and use it to plan your strategies

Set up your website

An appealing functional website is vital for marketing your business! It serves as an effective online brochure, catalog, lead generation tool, and information source for your potential customers. Most importantly you have complete control over how you boost your products and services on your website. On social media you can’t have that control. Get a professional web development company like Cedar to design a responsive business website and you are ready to go!

Include a blog in your website

A blog can serve as an information source to your customers and prospects, and interesting content, improves your chances of being found in search engines. Just provide information about your products or services or tips and hints on using what you sell and other general matters which will help your customers at different stages of the buying cycle.

 Promote your website with SEO

After you set up your website, you just need to promote it with SEO to increase the traffic. This in effect leads to more visitor conversions to potential customers. You can improve your website SEO by setting up a business listing of your company on Google and Bing, hiring the best digital marketing company, to do digital marketing and more. 

Set up your business page or profile on social media sites 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are social media sites which promote businesses. Your business profile in these sites should include a good description, keywords and a link to your website. Join in social media groups or conversations that discuss your type of products or services and participate in the conversations.

Create proper branding stationery

A business card and business stationery are absolutely essential for your business to succeed. They give an insight of your business to prospective customers. List your website address, social media profile link on your business card, letterhead and any handouts you create. 

Ask customers to review your business

Send your customers a note thanking them for their business, and ask them to review your site online. A good review can promote your business.

Cedar being the top-rated Web design company in Kochi partners you with effective ways to promote your business. Contact us today to know more.


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