Security checklist to protect your website

Is your website secure? Cyber security is now taking on new levels as everything is online now! Anyone who owns a website right now should be thinking about security & for those with the website as the main business, it is a top priority!

If you have an eCommerce website and have a payment gateway integrated into it you might be accepting payment through your website. Whenever a customer provides you with their credit card information, they’re putting trust in you and your brand. If your website is not secure, a hacker can get access to that information and you may be betraying that trust.

You can greatly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by taking a few key precautions from this Security checklist to protect your website from Cedar Software Technologies, a leading web development company in Kochi.
Keep all your software up to date

Many software updates are developed by software designers and cyber security experts to combat security threats. You should regularly check for updates to your plug-ins, your ecommerce software, CMS, and any other software related to how your website runs and complete them. This will enhance security to your website. 

 Use secure passwords and update frequently

Do not use basic easy-to-use passwords to login to your website. Make sure it has a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters. Also avoid using common passwords like your kid’s name or year of birth that are too easy for someone to figure out. Use unique passwords for each site you have. Every six months remember to update your password.

Backup regularly

In case anything does happen to your website, without a back-up, you will have to build it up from scratch. Regularly back-up your website or arrange for automatic back-up with your hosting company so that restoring your site if the need ever arises is a simple process as well.

Invest in a malware detector

Malware attacks are occurring often nowadays and it is possible that not just your website but your customers’ computers are also at risk. With a strong malware detector, malware can be spotted fast and removed before it has the chance to do much damage. Your web hosting platform may even offer one!

Be careful about your permissions

Medium-sized and larger businesses will often have more people accessing the website on a regular basis and this increases the risk to the security of the website. By restricting your permissions wisely, you can limit the potential damage caused by a careless or malicious act by one of your employees or contractors.

Set up SSL

An SSL Certificate is a must if you have an ecommerce website. You provide your customers with security by purchasing an SSL Certificate and a green HTTPS in the browser bar shows SSL certificates are installed and the website is secure.

As you now have the security checklist to protect your website, do take steps to protect it. For more details get in touch with us at Cedar Software Technologies, a top-notch company providing web development services in Cochin.

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