Web development trends to follow in 2020

There are new trends and technologies that revolutionise the web world each year. It’s always better that web developers keep themselves updated about these trends and technologies as business owners of today need to have their websites improved with the changing times. Cedar Software Technologies, a prime web development company in Kochi takes you through the web development trends to follow in the year 2020…. 

Modular design 

Modular design will be the in thing in web development in 2020! Rather than restricting the web page to a template, modular design allows developers to reuse components and modules to create a web page. Content blocks are created to display information in a powerful way. It’s cheaper, faster, and more flexible. Web designers in Kochi like Cedar are experts in Modular design.

Responsive design 

With the rise of mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets, Responsive design is becoming a must-have trend! In 2019 Mobile first indexing was started by Google which means that the mobile version of your website becomes the starting point for what Google includes in their index to determine rankings. If you do not have a mobile-responsive website, Cedar helps you to create it.

Chatbots and customer support

There’s a lot of hype about chatbots finding their place among customer service professionals! As per reports, consumers are found to be comfortable with chatbots and businesses are eager to use them & by the end of 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will happen without a human on the business side! 

Accelerated mobile pages and load speed

Google is going for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), to enable businesses to develop websites that load instantaneously and work smoothly on mobile devices. Web pages with rich content like video, animations, and graphics will need to work alongside smart ads and to load instantaneously. 

Voice search optimization

Voice search is breaking all trends in search engines everywhere! With technology like Siri on iPhone, Cortana on Android, Google Assistant from Google, and Alexa and Echo from Amazon, Voice Search has become commonplace! You can easily add a voice search recognition API to your website & both Google Chrome and Firefox support Voice Search. 

API-first design 

IoT or Internet of Things has changed our mobile devices, homes, cars, gaming systems, wearable tech, and laptops to be connected. Even though it brings a lot of convenience for the user, things can get confusing if the developer starts building the application in the wrong place. This means that front-end developers must work in coordination with back-end developers and the process will take a substantial amount of time.

Motion UI

The attention span of people browsing the internet is minimal! A captivating motion UI can grab the attention of a user easily. In 2020 you’ll see more motion UI efforts in websites to keep visitors engaged. 

Stay in tune with the web development trends of 2020 if you’re planning to upgrade your web presence. Get in touch with us at Cedar, the best Web development company in Kochi for website development services!

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