New trends in mobile app development

Mobile app development has hit new highs in the year 2019 and it’s not going to stop! Revolutionary changes are going to come in with mobile app users increasing by the day. Cedar Software Technologies, a premier Web Development Company in Kochi brings to you a list of top new trends in mobile app development in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is now being applied to almost all applications. More and more sectors are eyeing to have the system integrated together with human intelligence. Medical and manufacturing fields have already made great strides to promote efficiency through artificial intelligence all thanks to the high accuracy and ability to capture real-time events.

Surge of On-demand Apps

On-demand apps like Uber and Taxify have become popular thanks to the changing lifestyles of people. When more sectors are expected to introduce more on-demand apps this year things are going to be interesting. This trend will be soaring in the preceding years.

Integration of Wearable Apps

In the healthcare sector medical facilities have already made use of wearable apps on a day-to-day basis. For example, the apps have been used to get the vitals including heart rate and blood sugar levels in patients. Apart from that various web development companies in Kochi will also make a move to have this included. The increase in smartwatches in the market have aided this trend. In the future, many companies will be having their services integrated on the smartwatches and most likely you can keep in touch with other activities without your phone or tablet..


Chatbots are an upcoming trend in the mobile app world and will take care of various communication aspects. As there is an increasing demand to have a real-time interaction between the service providers and customers, the chatbot technology sidesteps the need to have human-to-human interaction in diverse fields.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT making its way into major industries in the market, things are expected to go a notch higher! More sectors like education and e-commerce capitalize on the internet of things. Apart from that the popularity of the IoT platform, it is fostered by the potential to interlink various aspects of an organization. Basically, the various units get to enjoy faster and convenient access to data within the organization.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR technology has been making waves in the digital world with their applications which make the experience more interactive. Major mobile app companies are going for investment on this ‘beyond the screen’ technology. 

Instant Apps

Instant apps like BuzzFeed, OneFootball and New York Times Crossword are becoming popular today. You do not have to install the app to enjoy these services and these apps will be able to expand the user base.  The wise investors of these platforms will be able to reap huge profits accumulated annually.

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  1. your blogs are so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job,Keep it up.

  2. After entrance of AI in mobile and other devices as well a in our daily life, its easy to track what we think, speak and task done. Its increasing day by day. I think these apps are very helpful in upcoming days. Thanks for sharing with us.

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