The digital world of today is now all set to be driven by the next generation of mobile applications – Intelligent Apps! They are the net result when application development meets artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data analytics. These intelligent apps continually learn from user interactions and other data sources to become even more resourceful and functional.

Here’s a brief rundown on Intelligent apps from Cedar Software Technologies, a prime Web Design Company in Kochi & the best Mobile app development company Kochi for a greater insight.

 Nowadays e-commerce sites are frequented by intelligent apps like Chatbots, virtual assistants and recommendation engines.  These smart apps have typical features: 

  • Most Intelligent apps intermix and process multiple data sources like IoT sensors, beacons or user interactions and transform a huge quantity of numbers into valuable insights.
  • These apps make smarter use of a device’s features to proactively deliver highly relevant information and suggestions. Apps will come directly to the users rather than users going to their apps.
  • As machine learning has come to stay, intelligent apps continuously adapt and improve their output.
  • Intelligent Apps deliver personalized and actionable suggestions by foreseeing user behaviors with predictive analytics & smart applications.
  • With progressive web applications (PWAs) the lines between native apps and mobile web applications are increasingly blurring.

Applications in business

The backing of smart apps in the B2C context will be faster but in future, their added value is going to be equally high in B2B. Intelligent Apps have the capacity to increase operational excellence in every sector:

  • Intelligent apps can use beacon signals to alert people when they enter a zone where safety gear is required.
  • An app could be used to decide when to turn off the lights in an office building based on Wi-Fi and smartphone data. Manual time registration can also be done using apps.
  • An intelligent app could be used to evaluate and prioritize leads by predicting which opportunities are most likely to close in sales & marketing.
  • The productivity of field technicians can be increased with intelligent field apps that assists field engineers on the floor and frees up extra capacity by reducing non-value adding activities.
  • AI based technologies with intelligent apps as the main elements are used in media and entertainment today. With the advent of intelligent applications, the digital marketing strategy has been transformed drastically. Content creation, curation, SEO are all integrating highly adaptable and robust intelligent apps!

These are only a few cases of the next generation intelligent apps which are making inroads into the energy sector, media and entertainment, production and more.  These smart apps offer huge opportunities to companies who are willing to start exploring the benefits right now. Before you try these apps, do proper research on them and make your decision. Ready to start looking for the smart app you need? Get in touch with us at Cedar Software Technologies, the best Mobile app development company Kochi.  


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