Most important things for a business website

Your business definitely needs a website to make its presence known in the digital world! But just not having a site is enough nowadays! You need to ensure that potential customers have a great experience when visiting your website for the first time. This can do wonders to your business! First impressions always count! Cedar Software Technologies, reputed web design company in Kochi brings to you some of the most important things for a business website to succeed!

A pleasing design

A website which is definitely in a pleasing design will attract visitors to it. Minimalism is taking over the websites of today! As a web design company in Kochi, we limit the design to a couple of different fonts, font sizes, and colours throughout the website to make it clutter free. 

Mobile friendly layout

It goes a long way towards making your website an outright success! According to recent studies, around half of all web traffic now comes from mobile phones, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly by now, you are essentially cutting off half of your potential customers. 

User friendly website navigation

Easy navigation usually holds the attention of a first-time visitor. Since the attention span of a person is short, and if a customer struggles to find any specific page on your website, he might end up taking his business elsewhere. Most companies providing web development services in Kochi are adopting user friendly navigation now.

Great content

Treating your website visitors to great content has become a very important thing for a business website nowadays. You could have a good business, top marketing, but with the sheer amount of competition found in the digital space it’s really hard to hold fort! Running an interesting company blog and high-quality content in your website will drive visitors to it allowing you to reinforce your branding. 

Social media

A great social media presence will contribute to your branding, allowing you to showcase your work, products or services. You can even open up a direct communications channel with your customers. You also need to provide links to your social media accounts on your website. 

Clear and complete contact info

Your business website should have complete details on basic, practical information like directions, opening hours, phone number and email address.   It should be readily available and extremely easy to find like on the footer of every page. Dedicated pages in your menu, inventory or list of services could should also be there. 

About you

You can solidify your branding with an About us page in your website. No need to brag more but keep it short and discreet. Attention spans of visitors to a website is getting shorter & shorter! 

Does your website have all these things? If not, try for a website revamping. As a company providing web development services in Kochi, we can help you with that! 


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  1. The information you provide is very clear. All must have that plays a major role in designing a website. Content is king and it must be interesting to read.

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  2. Thanks for your blog it’s very nice.This is a really important information as it is very educational and helpful for us.Waiting for your next posting.

  3. Great information! Content plays the main role in the website’s development and search engine optimization as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What type of a website a business needs to have? these are few questions which comes to every entrepreneur’s mind when they think to build a website. But, this article answers all their questions. claps!!

  5. The basic information and things about your business website would let your customers know a lot from you. Even if it’s the layout, font, or bio they can already tell if your business can offer a good or bad service. That’s why this article would let us understand that the basic things in your website is one of the most important things to remember.

  6. This blog is very informative. Here you talk about the most important things for a business website.
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  7. This is a very informative blog and good content thank you for sharing with us keep posting.

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