Must-haves for the Perfect Landing Page

Must-haves for the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages of a website are not given much attention or being properly used by website owners. They concentrate on the website’s homepage instead! But landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation. After all, a landing page is like the first room in your virtual storefront.

As the internet is crowded by all kinds of industries, businesses catering to different audiences, there is no exact formula for creating the perfect landing page. Nevertheless, there are certain elements with a proven record of captivating attention, educating audiences, and launching conversions. These elements can be used to improve the effectiveness and power of your landing pages.   

These are the must-haves for the Perfect Landing Page of your website brought to you by Cedar Software Technologies, prime web development company in Kochi.
A short but captivating Headline 

You only have a couple of words to convey your message! It should be concise but must interest and educate audiences. 

Hero Shot or a large, eye-catching image

Images help people process information more times faster than text alone. A “hero shot” if featured at the top of a landing page will quickly convey a message to your audience. Hence include an image or graphic that throws light on the feelings you want to convey or the results you want to show.

Audience problems Identification

A perfect landing page clearly relates to the audiences identifying their situation and the problems they are facing. If at least some of these problems can be fixed by your product or service you can convey that with convincing copy.

Define your Solutions

Once you have chalked out the problems of your audience you can connect these to your unique solutions and explain how your product or service helps them overcome their hurdles.

Features and Benefits  

A landing page can be the perfect place to outline the features of your products and services. You can connect each feature to the benefit it provides to users, customers, and/or clients. Also, make this text easy to read, understand, and scan by highlighting your copy as bullet points or call-out blurbs.


Convince the audience why you are qualified to help them out with products or services. List out your credentials on the landing page. It should include industry awards and recognition, a list of experiences, or results data. Logos of brands who have used or benefited from your products or services can also add credibility in the landing page.


Take care to include social proof like testimonials, reviews, and social mentions which helps your audience see that others are happy with your product or service.

A clear Call-to-Action

A landing page should have one, clear call-to-action that guides the audience toward taking a favourable decision. 

As a premier Web design company Kochi, Cedar designs landing pages incorporating all the must-haves for the Perfect Landing Pages. 

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