The Ultimate Guide to Building a Website Redesign Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to building a Website Redesign Strategy

Are you planning to redesign your website? Well, you might require it if you have overhauled your brand or updated your product. Either ways it can be successful or a total flop if you are not doing it with a clear vision! 

A website redesign can invite more traffic, improve performance and convert more visitors to customers. Here’s the Ultimate Guide to building a Website Redesign Strategy from Cedar Software Technologies, a premier Web design company in Kochi

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How to Redesign a Website?

Here are some strategies you can follow:

Analyse your website’s current performance metrics

Analyse your existing website’s monthly performance with any tool like Google analytics before you start your redesign. Metrics to be analysed are:

  • Number of visits, visitors, bounce rate, time on site
  • Top-performing keywords in terms of rank, traffic, and lead generation
  • Number of inbound links, new leads, form submissions, sales
  • Total pages indexed & that receive traffic
Be clear on your website redesign goals

There should always be a good reason to consider a redesign! It’s not just the aesthetic appeal but the functionality as well. Be clear about your goals to achieve and communicate them with your team, designer, and/or agency. The metrics above should be addressed and current SEO rankings should also be improved. 

Define your branding and messaging

With clear-cut goals about your desired branding, messaging, and unique value concept, you can ensure consistency across your entire website. If you have created a new logo, style guide, or color palette, ensure these are applied to your new website as well.

Craft your website for your target audience 

Your website design and content should be crafted around your buyer personas. Your branding and content should align with this audience while strategizing your website redesign.

Protect your search engine optimized pages

Plan your website redesign with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind! Document your most search-valued pages which will be receiving the most traffic and inbound links. Ensure you create the proper 301 redirects if you plan to move any of these highly valuable pages.

Do your keyword research

Pick one keyword/topic to focus on for each page & use on-page SEO best practices to optimize your website pages. Adding new content and pages to your website with particular keywords and topics may also help in SEO.

Recreate your high-performing assets in redesigned website

Reuse high-performing content assets in your existing website so that redesign doesn’t severely damage your marketing results.

Such assets might include:

  • Most-shared or viewed content
  • High-traffic pages
  • Best performing keywords and associated pages
  • Number of inbound links to individual pages
Choose the right software.

To redesign & host your website, choose the right software. It should meet all the functions required for your business. 

Cedar is with you all the way for a successful website redesign. As a leading web design company in Kerala, we bring to you top notch SEO services in Kochi. Contact us to know more.

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