Mobile apps in India that can assist in the fight against Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed its fury in the world leaving many dead in its wake! The healthcare systems in many countries are taken for a toss and it is increasingly becoming difficult keeping tabs on all covid-19 related updates. 

It is better to set up go-to apps on your phones in these crisis times to know all the updates. Here is a run-through on Mobile apps that can assist in the fight against covid-19 by the top Mobile app development company Kochi, Cedar Software Technologies which has already proved its mettle as the best web development company in Kochi

MapMyIndia Move (Android, iOS)

A mobile app created to keep an eye on the total number of cases in India based on input from the ministry of health and family welfare. MapMyIndia has a covid-19 dashboard where one can get state-wise data, along with details on treatment centres, isolation centres, hunger relief centres and relief camps for migrant workers with the location on the map. The users can also report issues like lapses in law enforcement or violation of lockdown for the government and local authorities’ perusal. 

Arogya Setu (Android)

Arogya Setu is a Government of India initiative which is designed to assist citizens by helping them find out if they have been in contact with an infected person. A social graph is created using GPS and Bluetooth by the app & based on that, the app can trace if an asymptomatic person has crossed paths with a covid-19 infected person & send out alerts & self-isolation instructions. 

MyGov (Android, iOS)

The MyGov app helps people to keep track of the official number of cases in India. The app available in Hindi & English constantly shows the number of active cases, discharged cases and deaths. Many informative features are available like myth busters, a shortcut page for PM-Cares fund with bank account details for people to donate money. Any suggestions to combat Covid-19, can be submitted for the Safe India Hackathon through the app.

BOINC (Android)

People who want to donate to similar funds other than the PM-Cares fund can try the UC Berkeley’s Rosetta@home project available through the BOINC app on Android devices. As a distributed computing project, the BOINC App allows anyone to contribute the computing power of their PCs and smartphones to speed up research on Coronavirus and find a vaccine. 

Practo (Android, iOS)

The telemedicine platform Practo has started offering online booking options. The tests will be carried out by the diagnostic firm Thyrocare which will send a certified phlebotomist to collect samples directly from home. A valid doctor’s prescription, duly filled test requisition form signed by the physician and a photo ID card is needed to get the Testing request approved on submission. Chatting with the doctor is possible in this app.

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