Best Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is the game plan now even for small companies to become successful!  Being active in Social media and digital marketing definitely pays off as effective marketing. You can find new customers and network with them easily on Social Media & when compared to traditional marketing methods, that does not cost a fortune. But how to go about it certainly takes some practical social media marketing tips and tricks. 

Here are some Social Media Marketing Tips from Cedar Software Technologies, the premier digital marketing company in Kochi & leading PHP web development company in Kochi. 

Carefully crafted strategies 

You should set social media goals analysing likes and retweets, generated leads, conversion rates and referrals to your website. As a prime Digital marketing company in Kochi, Cedar conducts a social media audit to identify who you’re already connected to on social media, which networks your audience uses, and makes a comparison.

Determine which platforms suit you 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are the most frequented platforms of digital users. Successful marketing depends on the appealing aesthetics of the shared content. Determine which social media platform works best for your business. 

Once you have decided which social networks are best for your business, set up new accounts or complete existing ones on each of these platforms. Create a social media calendar to chart out the day and time you want to post to Facebook and Instagram, tweets, and any other type of social media content. 

Get to know your target group

Your target audience matters the most! You should identify age, gender, place of residence, average income, and other facts of your target audience. With this information you will know how to attract the attention of your desired audience.

Market and sell your products via social media

Marketing on social media should be done only with proper strategies in place. The 80/20 Rule applies here. When curating content for Social Media. 80 percent of your social media marketing or sales success (the result) is based on only 20 percent of the cause (the content curated by you). The percentage of advertising content in all your social media channels should be as low as 20 percent of the content. For the remaining 80 percent interact with your customers and share relevant content that adds value to them. 

Use pictures, videos and graphics 

Focus on visuals like pictures, videos and graphics whenever possible. Just make sure the integration of visuals are relevant to the content of both the post and your audience.

Focus on Quality

Focus on quality rather than quantity in your posts!  Provide your target audience with added value and you will reap good results. Take care to post quality content that identifies & solves the problems of your audience, makes life easier or entertains them. 

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