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Mobile apps can be one of the important factors for the success of businesses now. With the increased use of smartphones, having a mobile app offers countless benefits. Mobile apps provide a convenient and easy way for people to access your products/services your business provides. They enhance the user experience by offering personalised interactions, bettering customer engagement and loyalty.

Mobile apps also enable businesses to leverage push notifications, sending timely and targeted messages to users, promoting special offers, updates, and new releases. They provide valuable data insights, allowing businesses to analyse user behaviour, preferences, and demographics for informed decision-making and personalised marketing strategies.

Moreover, mobile apps enhance brand visibility and recognition, creating a dedicated presence on users' devices. They can integrate elements like in-app purchases, social sharing, and loyalty programs, fostering revenue generation and customer retention.

Investing in a mobile app has various benefits. Businesses can stay competitive, reach a wider audience, enhance customer satisfaction, and establish a powerful brand presence in the mobile driven market.

Our mobile app development services include:

  • Enterprise apps for businesses
  • Social media apps
  • Mobile gaming apps
  • Apps for Banking and Financial Services
  • Personalized Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Travel Apps

iPhone App Development in Kochi

The iPhone app market has now become a money-spinning market, but the right app makes all the difference in your success! Cedar Software Technologies brings to you the right app with the right functionality, rollout and support. To date we've launched some of the most successful iPhone apps and have also worked with many businesses in the industry to build their success. Cedar Software Technologies is your premier partner when it comes to iPhone app development.

As the iPhone app developers in India, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best possible ROI and positioning on the market. Our team keeps you in the loop every step of the way in the iphone app development process. We offer detailed updates throughout the process and also offer full analyses and strategizing for your app's rollout and continued success. We're with you every step of the way!

iPhone app development for business provides numerous benefits. It allows businesses to reach a broader user base, improve customer attention, and increase brand loyalty. Customised iPhone apps offer seamless user experiences, efficient workflows, and integration with existing business systems. They provide a competitive advantage and drive business growth in the iOS market.

iPad app Development

iPad from Apple is one of the most popular consumer devices in the digital world. iPad app development has become an ideal tool to reach your target audience. From concept to full rollout our iPad app development solutions makes a difference not only in the design and build process, but also in your total experience.

Cedar Software Technologies offers strategy, design and development of iPad apps and we don’t just stop there. We can also promote your app and ensure that it gains the traction necessary for visibility and success in Apple’s App Store, and through other outlets that drive traffic to the App Store. No iPad app can be successful without the right plan behind its rollout and lifespan, and we’re with you for the life of your app and beyond.

iPad app development offers unique possibilities for businesses. Because of the larger screen size and enhanced capabilities, iPad apps provide amazing user experiences and productivity solutions. They cater to different needs like content creation, presentations, and enterprise applications.

Android App Development

With our years of rich experience in design and development, we have the ability to create mobile apps with exceptional interface design and flawless features. We can conceptualise, design, develop and market Android apps for varied business verticals.

Our developers are experts in harnessing the maximum potential of the intricate Android SDK platform & utilise a range of Android development tools to explore unlimited product development possibilities. Our programmers are dedicatedly engrossed in developing scalable and highly robust android mobile applications and porting to distinct mobile platforms.

We also ensure that the Android apps are detail-oriented, feature-rich and simple to use with an eye to quality. We can provide apps for your specific needs customised accordingly & in addition to app development, we also make sure that the apps get enough visibility through effective app store optimization strategies.

HTML5 App Development

Need to develop visually stimulating and optimised mobile applications for Smartphones?

HTML 5 technology is the way to go! With the adoption of mobile application development solutions using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript Cedar Software Technologies is now taking things to the next level in providing new age solutions to its partners. HTML5 multi-platform app development is the cost effective solution for porting your apps from iPhone to Android/ WebOs/ Symbian/ Windows Phone 7/ Blackberry plus.

Cedar Software Technologies develops multi-platform apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to create web apps and native mobile apps. In addition to this we can also develop web apps for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.

The applications developed with HTML 5 are compliant with all the smart mobile platforms using web kit giving us the native apps like experience. HTML5 offers you the opportunity to utilise the multiple mobile platforms available in the market and is a boon for the startups.

Hybrid App Development

Cedar Software Technologies App developers are proficient in Hybrid apps development which allows apps for different operating systems to share the same core code. This makes overall development faster and cheaper. New features can be released for all platforms at the same time, giving all users the same experience connecting to an enterprise cloud or hybrid cloud.

In our Hybrid application development we put together the advantages of both native and web applications. Cedar Software Technologies is an expert in Hybrid app development for businesses large or small and can deliver you the best app solution for your business. Cross platform development benefits Enterprise apps where employees can use their own devices to access and less technical support is needed leading to smooth running of your business.

Our hybrid app development services pooled with robust web technology and mobile experience provides faster market delivery and a wider audience reach.

  • Apps for Android Phones/Tablets
  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • HTML 5 Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Customised UI

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A mobile app enhances customer engagement, boosts brand loyalty, and expands the reach of your business. It provides convenient access to your products or services, offers personalised experiences, and enables push notifications for targeted marketing. A mobile app strengthens your brand presence, increases customer satisfaction, and drives business growth through improved user experiences and seamless interactions.
The most essential thing to understand before making the decision to develop an app for your business is whether or not your target audience actively uses mobile devices. Researching your target demographic's mobile device usage habits like smartphone and tablet adoption rates, app usage, and mobile browsing behaviours. This will help determine the relevance and potential impact of mobile marketing campaigns on reaching and engaging your audience.
A mobile app enhances user experience by offering a seamless and personalised interface. It provides convenient access to your products or services. It also allows for personalised content recommendations. Mobile apps also enable interactive features like push notifications and in-app messaging and help in smooth transactions. A well-designed mobile app promotes stronger brand loyalty, increases user satisfaction, and encourages repeated interactions with your brand.

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We are really happy to say that Cedar Solutions has delivered the best work to me and in addition, our point of contact was very helpful and patient with our requests and changes. I thank the whole team, of Cedar Solutions for completing our work so efficiently and fast.

Prof. Abdul Jabbar Mehdi

Editor, Hamdan Medical Journal, Dubai

We are thankful to Cedar solutions team for a wonderful and successful project. They worked fast to complete our project. I was very demanding on the quality aspect of the work and what I received from them was much more than what I expected.

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Asst.Development Commissioner, CSEZ, Govt. of India

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