September 2016 Google Updates

The month has come to an end, but we can’t let it go like that, can we? From the very beginning of the month we have been noticing big fuzz on the keyword ranking all around the world.

Let’s start with what the local experts said, Google Possum. To be frank, it was funny, when I heard it for the first time. It was about the couple of local search updates happened in first couple of weeks.

Thanks to Google, three weeks into the month, on 23rd announced the Penguin 4.0, and told that everything that happened the weeks before were a number of trials of the Penguin launch.

The Penguin 4.0 update is considered to be one of the biggest update since 2014. Let’s go through what all these updates ended up with?

  • Gave Importance to Geographic Location

The new updates have priorities geographical location. Not just the business but also that of the searcher. Tip: Update your businesses in Google maps.

  • Filtered Local Search Results

Local search results will have sophisticated filtering. Results with similar location or listed information will be filtered, but won’t be removed.

  • Devalue Spam Links

Won’t be penalized easily but if you have spam links, it won’t do any good to you anymore. Such links are now ignored by Google while calculating ranking.

  • Real-time Update

Penguin is now real-time. If you found drop in ranking, check your backlinks. If you notice some suspicious links, remove it. You will be able to find the change in no time. 

  • Varied Results for Slightly Varied Keyword Searches

It has been noticed that with the new update, the search results vary for small variations in keyword.

  • Local Filter and Organic Filter Shown Unique Identity

The new updates have given an interesting results which proves that local filter and organic filter are independent to each other.

September was definitely a big month as per online marketing is concerned, both locally and internationally. The message, as always has passed along, was to keep it clean. Those who kept it clean only gained.

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