CST Update: A Major Breakthrough to the World of Automation

Here we are to proudly announce about the latest feather in our hat. Our new project for Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), a Central Govt. organization has successfully went live. The project included re-calibration of energy meters, communicating these meters with the server through GPRS system, and development of a software dedicated for automation of these meters, power distribution, and prepaid billing system.

The system is capable of presenting a complete package dedicated to data acquisition and control of an electrical distribution system automatically. It provides operational safety and reliability, improved continuity of electrical services, assessment and management site-wide electrical distribution, reliable equipment operation, real-time responses to power quality-related issues, secure remote control capabilities, and support to proactive maintenance & asset life optimization.

We completed the project in less than 6 months and the software was launched on 31 December 2016. Currently the software manages the power distribution system of around 150 large scale industries, under CSEZ.

The key features of this software includes tariff management and updates according to KSERC regulations; consumer management; real-time usage monitoring & billing; centralized payment gateway; real-time alerts; consolidated & individual report generation; provision for integrating present system with other renewable energy sources, and few more.

This project in itself proves that our team of experts are capable to provide any level of client-centric solutions and we are ready for next challenge.

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