A guide to redesigning a website without affecting SEO

A guide to redesigning a website without affecting SEO

So, you’ve decided it’s time to move with the times! You need to upgrade your website! Now that you are finally ready for it, you have your doubts that your new site will destroy the credible SEO you’ve built up over the years! Not to worry! Cedar Software Technologies, prime Web development company in Kochi, is here to help you with a guide to redesigning a website without affecting SEO. 

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Audit your Website

Before going for a revamping, audit your website! You should get a clear understanding of your site, the user interaction and more. A website audit is nothing but a comprehensive view of web pages on your site with multiple data points specifying traffic, performance etc. You can use different SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Ubersuggest for your website audit.

Research your current website

Find out details regarding:

  • Your current domain ranking
  • Keywords that your website ranks for most
  • Potential keywords you can rank for later on
Keep the old site live

Fully download the present site structures so that it can be updated later when the changes have been made. You can compare with the old site to check for any duplication & also there also won’t be a risk of losing the information till you make your new website live.

Block from Robots.txt

After you have shifted to the new design take care to check that the robot.txt files are not corrupt. This can be checked under the crawling tool after you have finished the verification. Ensure to block your website from robots.txt file before 1 day of uploading new website design.

Do proper 301 redirects 

Enhance the basic user experience by making sure that mapping out of 301 redirects for every page with the new URLs are done. If you are going to change the structure of your web page URLs, do apply proper 301 and 302 redirects. Ensure there are no 404 error pages for the user if it can be avoided.

On-page optimization + Technical SEO

Try not to change your present meta title and description if you are changing your website structure and content of your pages. This can maintain your web ranking stable. Also, try to maintain content relevance. Do regular technical site audits to rectify any technical errors on time. 

Setup Internal links

While revamping try to set-up as much internal linking as possible. Google crawlers find it easy to relate to the latest content that you have published with this resulting in faster indexation and improving rankings.

Monitor rankings & Website Traffic

Use the best SEO tools to track the new changes and the keyword rankings. If you notice a major change, try to understand why it happened and how it can be corrected.

This totals up our complete guide to redesign a website without losing SEO. Feel free to contact us at Cedar Software Technologies for your website design and SEO. As the best web design company in Kochi, we would love to help you out.

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  2. Good web design is nothing without good optimization. The best thing web design and SEO services can offer you is a high-quality site.

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