Web Application Security: Methods and Best Practices

The software development industry has seen a phenomenal growth over the years & software applications today have become an essential part in our lives. However the question is, are application security best practices put in practice to keep users safe from hackers and other digital criminals?

Cedar Software Technologies, leading Web Application Development Company in Kochi, has put together the top Web application security: Methods & practices that you should be using for your company.   
Track your Assets 

You should know which servers or open source components you are using in your various web apps to help save headaches and disasters in future.  Automating the tracking process will be a wise decision. Try to categorise the assets as well.

Encrypt your data

You should ensure to encrypt your data at rest and in transit. One of the A-listers on any application security best practices list! If there is any failure to properly lock down your traffic, it can lead to the exposure of sensitive data to cyber-attacks. Ensure that you are using SSL with an up to date certificate. Using HTTPS & hashing is also good.

Conduct a Threat Assessment

Try to figure out what the real threats are and how to take the edge off them. Seek out the paths hackers could use to breach your application. Check out if you have existing security measures in place to detect or prevent an attack, more or different tools are needed or not etc.

Stay updated with Patching 

Patching is one of the most important steps to ensure the security of your software. Take steps to patch your operating systems with the latest versions for your security. You can patch your software with updates either from commercial vendors or the open source community that maintains projects.  

Strategize Remediation 

Perform threat assessment based on the severity of a vulnerability (CVSS rating), how vital the impacted application is to your operations, and other diverse factors. Prioritize the most pressing threats first, considering the factors at play, and leave the low-risk ones for later.

Be realistic about expectations on your security! Even the maximum level of protection does not mean total safety from hackers. Cedar Software Technologies, the best web design company in Kochi partners you with the best methods and practices in web application security. Get in touch with us to know more.

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