Websites have become very popular & web development has touched new horizons these recent years! Nowadays, web tools are extensively used by web developers to write, test and debug website code used in web design. These Web tools are nothing but web development software which have browser add-ons or built-in features in web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera etc. that aid the web developing process. To enhance the productivity and functionality of the website or web application, Web tools or Dev tools are used combined with web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. 

Check out this list of the best web development tools you need to know brought to you by Cedar Software Technologies, prime web design and development company in Kochi.


A front-end developer tool trusted by many software companies in Kochi! AngularJS assists in expanding the HTML syntax for creating user-friendly websites and web applications with convenient, readable, and eloquent environments. As an open-source front end web development tool it is entirely free. You have the option of writing client-side applications using JavaScript and MVC.

Novi Builder

The latest web development tool doing the rounds! With its drag and drop builder facilities, Novi Builder makes building a website easy to the developer. For the experienced web developer using Novi Builder gives full control over the entire project, but it can be a tough choice for beginners. With additional application integration facilities, preview tools and a diverse range of pre-made themes, Novi Builder is an ideal tool for eCommerce support and is used by several web design and development companies in Kochi.

HTML5 Boilerplate

A gennext web development tool that is used for creating scalable, user-friendly websites or web applications by software companies in Kochi. HTML5 Boilerplate has files available for download to achieve CSS normalization & supports the process of fixing common bugs. Apache Server Configuration can be made to enhance security and performance. HTML5 Boilerplate also gives protection from console statements, which caused JavaScript errors in earlier browsers.


The Node Package Manager or NPM is a web development tool that helps in discovering various packages of reusable code. Top web design and development companies in Kochi use NPM to create a website using JavaScript and NPM also offers command-line utility. Many free code packages are available & managing the public and private code through a similar workflow is possible with NPM.


A very user-friendly uncomplicated front-end web development tool that is easy to learn! Sass is an extended version of CSS and it helps in increasing the functionality of the existing CSS of a website or web application. Sass supports language extensions, including variables, nesting, mixins & offers well-formatted and customized output. Variant colors and values are also available.

We hope this list of some of the best web development tools you need to know will come of help to you. For creating functional websites, get in touch with us at Cedar Software Technologies, leading software & web design/development company in Kochi.


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  1. You have written such a nice content . I really appreciate your work on  Web Design. Thank You for sharing. Waiting for more.

  2. Various frameworks available with Sass will help you to kick start your design. Web Development Tools should be selected based on your unique project needs. I hope this in-depth review will help you choose the right tool.

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