What is Google MUM?

Google MUM

Google MUM update – Making searches simpler! Today people do research on the Google platform for everything under the sky and above that! Many of us handle diverse tasks that need multiple steps with Google every day. But it is quite a challenge having to type out many queries and perform many searches to reach the answer you need.
Google has launched MUM, its latest technology that will allow the search engine to better understand content and search intent. The Multitask Unified Model, or MUM helps you with complex searches that don’t have direct answers as such.

Cedar Software Technologies, premier digital marketing company in Kochi sheds some light on what is Google MUM?

The main objective of MUM is to solve these difficult queries by using multiple forms of content. This includes images and text content in multiple languages to provide a rich and effective answer.

MUM update works on the T5 text-to-text framework and is 1,000 times more powerful than BERT. It is transforming the way Google helps you with complex tasks. MUM understands language and can generate it as well. Being trained across 75 different languages and many different tasks at once, MUM can establish a more comprehensive understanding of information and world knowledge than previous models. As it is multi-model by nature, MUM understands information across text and images and further expansion to video and audio modalities can be expected in the future.

MUM removes language barriers

In the past, language was a major barrier for accessing information. But the recent MUM update has the capacity to break down these boundaries by transferring knowledge across languages. It can learn from sources written in other languages and bring you information for your query.

Understanding information across types

As MUM is multimodal, it can comprehend information from different formats like webpages, pictures and more, simultaneously. You can query using photos of things. MUM would understand the image and connect it with your question.

Applying advanced AI to Search, responsibly

Google is advancing in leaps and bounds with AI to make the world’s information more accessible very responsibly. A rigorous evaluation process is in place to evaluate every single improvement to Google Search. This ensures getting more relevant, helpful results much more than the BERT update. Even human raters, help to understand how well Google results help people find information.

MUM-powered features and improvements to Google products can be expected in the coming months and years. MUM is an important milestone toward a future where Google can understand all of the different ways people naturally communicate and interpret information.

Google itself reveals that MUM is a thousand times more powerful than its predecessor BERT. The MUM update will help Google better understand written text as well as videos, images, and podcasts in 75 different languages.

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