What is Cyber security?

Cyber security

With the advancement of the digital world, Data has taken over everything! The fast pace of digitalisation has caused data to become a key aspect & most valuable asset of the business world! Data is also a most vulnerable asset too & any Cyber attacks on your data could cause irreparable damage to your business. Hence Cyber security needs to be top priority for all businesses.
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What is Cybersecurity?

Today, most businesses run on technology to effectively handle their work. They need to communicate at all times right from emails, financial transactions, to professional networking and work documents. Many Cyber threats wreak havoc on these lines of communication & can endanger a business. This has caused a growing need for Cyber Security.

Check out the main Cyber security threats:

Data Leaks

Data leaks occur worldwide and can have a disastrous effect on businesses. All businesses may have extremely sensitive data ranging from customer insights to employee data which are at risk. Businesses rely on cloud services for storing data nowadays and diverse types of cyber attacks have risen in prominence.


Another threat to cyber security are the scammers who impersonate a business, sending out fraudulent emails, viruses and malware.


The capture and recording of magnetic stripe data on the back of credit cards is called skimming. An external device is sometimes installed on a merchant’s POS without their knowledge for this process.

The impact of cyber crime on your business

If businesses don’t install Cyber security, it’ll be a costly mistake on their part! The theft of corporate information, interruption to trading or even having to repair affected systems all result in financial loss. Cyber security breaches can also cause damage to your reputation notwithstanding the physical impact.

Limiting the amount of personal information available in the public domain is one way of getting data protection. All businesses should give training to company staff to keep them up to date on the latest cyber security measures and the best methods for protecting data. Using a framework to ensure reducing the risk of a data breach should be set in. Be careful to employ a system that is built to deal with an array of individual devices and operating systems to be on the right track.

An automated centralised system can cut down on the cost of your business processes & improve cyber security. Beyond these measures, employing IT professionals adept in cyber security will allow you to remain ahead of your threats.

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