What is Cognitive Computing?

What is Cognitive Computing?

The technology of the future, Cognitive Computing is here to stay! Much hype has been centred on big business and big data processing which increase the bottom line & streamline daily operations of businesses. Cognitive computing stands in the favour of consumers to ease some of the burdens of their everyday life. Smartphone apps and e-Commerce use cognitive computing to offer users and customers greater accessibility, increased support and comparing costs. Today, many consumers are using some form of it without realising it.

What is Cognitive Computing?

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Cognitive computing is a blend of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and human capabilities that help regular computing to effectively solve problems and analyse data. Based on learning patterns and behaviours and becoming more intelligent, a computer system can handle complex decision-making processes.
Artificial intelligence systems just tackle a given problem, but cognitive computing analyses suggest humans take relevant action based on its understanding.

How is cognitive computing changing the world?

Cognitive computing is at its early stages now and has yet to reach its full potential but the possibilities for its future implementation are endless!

The healthcare sector can benefit a lot with cognitive computing. It can support the recordkeeping and documentation process within by gathering patient history, recommending the appropriate diagnostic tools and more.

Ad-hoc projects’ management can also be an advantage! Project managers can get accurate details, monitor timelines and deliverables or even participate in the overall project planning and budgeting phases by utilising a system like IBM’s Watson as a personal, AI-driven secretary. The technology system can be of help to achieve greater resource allocation, track multiple projects and collate data from various sources.

Cognitive computing and advanced AI can also be put to use in the insurance industry. These systems can bolster human-computer engagement, improve risk management, cost analysis and customer service.

Corporate companies can use cognitive computing as a means of supporting internal troubleshooting and third-party software. It can also be used to collect, store and analyse financial data on behalf of individual clientele.

Top brands’ support Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is receiving immense response from some of the top names in the IT world like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Google and Spark. All are developing their own concept of cognitive computing.

  • Microsoft has come on board with various software development kits and utilities to support the programming and implementation of advanced artificial intelligence in modern software.
  • Cisco’s Cognitive Threat Analytics suite is meant to identify and resolve cyber-threats as soon as possible.

Cognitive computing systems are all set to revolutionise the digital sphere unlike any other technology introduced in the last 20 years. With the ability to analyse and process large amounts of volumetric data, cognitive computing helps in employing a computing system for relevant real-life systems. Contact us at Cedar, top-rated web designers in Cochin for all your digital needs.


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