What is Metaverse?


Check out Metaverse: The New Web! The fast-emerging world of virtual reality is here with a clear bang! Facebook started working on this digital universe in the initial stage. Today many other companies working on mixed reality environments have toed the line towards mainstreaming Metaverse!

As one of the prime companies providing digital marketing services in Kochi, Cedar Software Technologies tries to touch base with the fundamental aspects of the Metaverse in the light of the changing perspective of the digital world.

What is the Metaverse?

“Metaverse” has been mentioned in Science fiction novels long back. Facebook takes it to the next level and describes it as a fusion of physical and virtual realities empowering peer-to-peer, lifelike interaction in digital work environments. These combinations of AR and VR elements would imitate real-world experiences as they would combine to allow users to experience conspicuous conditions that are not bound by the laws of physics. Travelling, working, having fun or running around – all possible theoretically on the metaverse!

Visionaries of the digital world foresee that metaverse, could be the binding glue holding together interoperable, multi-sensory, and commercially viable conditions. The Metaverse technology marketplace is expected to be valued to reach the $2.5 trillion threshold by 2030 possibly.

Take a look at the two most defining characteristics of a Metaverse platform:

  • Interactivity
    The Metaverse technology would compose an interplay between AR and VR aspects. A striking semblance of space and time similar to the real world could happen here. Visual, auditory, and dynamic interactions through this Metaverse platform can deliver experiences on the same lines for digital collaboration.
  • Interoperable
    A Metaverse app should be interoperable between one or more Metaverse platform(s).

A diverse spectrum of technological horizons remains to be tested out in Metaverse app development. It all depends on who is developing it, and its provisions could range from limiting experiences to open-ended, transformable ones. Likewise, many developer toolkits can be used for exhibiting this future reality into existence – the Unreal Engine, Unity, Amazon’s Sumerian, Blender, and Maya are a few to mention.

Here’re some of the Micro-colonies of Metaverse projects triggering the emergence of Metaverse technology.

Metaverse Stack from Microsoft

The software giant Microsoft has initiated efforts to engineer a representational infrastructure layer that will be an offspring of the fusion of physical and digital worlds. Through this endeavour metaverse stack, developers would have the capability to replicate real-world assets like workspaces, warehouses, retail stores, etc. onto Microsoft’s platform.

Nvidia Omniverse

In 2019 Nvidia launched its Omniverse platform in 2019. Using an open-sourced approach Nvidia invites enterprise clients to try out the Omniverse. Leveraging over 200 pre-built extensions, developers can build, license, and distribute apps.

Epic Games Metaverse

The gaming company Epic Games aims to create an open-sourced Metaverse platform for users with its version of the metaverse.
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