How is AI changing the education industry?

How is AI changing the education industry?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has very much become a part of our day-to-day lives. Right from smart homes to automatic parking systems, security systems with smart sensors, AI has made its presence felt in every sector. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has made inroads in the education field also and there is a phenomenal change in traditional methods.

Let’s check out how AI is changing the education industry?

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While schools weren’t accessible for students due to the pandemic, teachers had to search out new ways to engage their students and enhance their learning experience. Almost 83% of countries used online platforms for delivering education in these trying times. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the education sector to the advantage of both the students and the educational institutions. Teachers nowadays use many digital instruments from video conferencing tools to learning management systems which are based on AI. Apart from aiding the organisational processes for teachers, students, and administration of educational institutions, AI also helps in teaching and learning.

AI makes educational programs more personalised and of higher quality. Apart from this, AI helps teachers to lighten administrative work, test marking & lesson preparations.

How AI can help Education

AI has become an integral part of various e-learning platforms, mobile, web, and desktop educational applications. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) & Course Management Systems (CMS) are mostly based on AI.

Here are the most important use cases of AI in the education sector.

Administrative activities facilitation

It’s possible to speed up and automate most of the organisational and administrative tasks with AI. Tests like multiple-choice questions, fill the blanks, etc. can be automatically graded with AI. Apart from this, AI can fill in various papers, manage teaching materials, organise resources for lectures, adjust schedules, and prepare overall progress reports. Teachers can send quick notifications to students, automatically check tasks given. They will have more time for teaching-related tasks and not feel overwhelmed with tedious repetitive administrative work.

AI-Assisted Learning

With AI teachers can create highly personalised learning experiences that support each student. Examining each student’s learning style and studying patterns, AI can make suggestions on how to improve the students’ learning process. It can automatically adjust training tasks, and schedule revision of course materials. Students can learn their subjects in a carefully structured study plan and in smaller, easier-to-learn modules which are available 24/7 in clear and tailored form.

Smart Content

Education methodologists can diversify studying techniques and materials utilising AI & training materials can be digitised and reloaded with additional content. It can be anything like videos/audios, gamification elements, quick tests, flashcards,or even augmented reality elements.

Detailed Feedback

Teachers can effectively monitor recent and final students’ academic performance and provide valuable feedback. This way, teachers can track knowledge gaps and re-teach the needed materials.

These are only a few examples of how AI is changing the education industry. Contact us at Cedar for the best SEO services in Kochi.

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