Android App Development Tips and Tricks for Newbie Developers

Android application development

With entry of major IT companies in to the field Android App development has become a flourishing industry these days. The demand of the Android apps is increasing on a daily basis. The major reasons for that include the open source nature of Android which does not force the user or even developer to purchase any license for using it.

Along with the growth in the industry the demand of Android application development as a career also shows a sudden up lift and there are many dreaming to become a successful android app developer.

Being a leading Mobile application development Company in UK and in India we have a bunch of Android app developers who understands each and every pulse of the app development industry. So I had a chat with them regarding the do’s and don’ts of application development recently. And in this blog post I am sharing some of those tips suggested by our team that may benefit these potential android developers in their dream run.

Android App Development tips:

  •       Unique concept for the Android app you develop

There are numerous android applications available around the world and people want something new. If you have a unique idea for your app and of course that is useful for the users, they are going to love it. Another aspect of the same is if you are using an idea that currently exists, make sure to give it a unique touch through more advanced and attractive features.

  •       Importance of user friendly interface in android app development

Ensure your product or application do have a flexible and user friendly user interface. People love to have it simple and never prefer to struggle using any application. So make your Android application simple and effective to use. 

  •        Designing the Android application

With increasing competition in the field users have a lot of options to select from. So providing an attractive design for your android application is that important. To make the first impression the best ensure giving an eye catching icon for your product to stand out in the crowd.

  •       Keep your android apps bug free

It is normal to have bugs on the android applications your developed. So try testing them for several times to check every possibility of errors or bugs. Once you get black listed for bugs in your apps it will be difficult to make over. So be double sure before launching your android applications in play store or other places.

  • Using user review to improve your Android application quality

Any applications you develop should be based on the user requirements. So always listen to user reviews of your application as well as similar applications on the market. Releasing the updated version of your application should be strictly according to user reviews.

Hope these tips, which looks simple but powerful, might be useful for many because app development industry is still in the primary stages of its growth and making your mark at the earliest is important. Be free to ask for any queries you have and our team will be happy to help.

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  1. Well, I have a good grip in .net development and php development. This post is very helped to newbie they learn a lot of things from this post. Thanks for sharing this content. 🙂

    Bhavesh Patel

  2. Nice Post..!! I ave been looking for long time such article thanks for sharing us i hope Will continue to provide us with such knowledge further.

  3. Hey,
    Information provided by you is really great and knowledgeable. I would like to appreciate your all efforts with this share its so informative for us

  4. The points you include is focused point and I want to include one more thing in it that whenever user give a review about your app just go and check your Android or iPhone apps, do changes that needed and again revert to that user. It will remain a good impression on the user.

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