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Being pioneers as a web design company in Cochin and Dubai we are happy to share with you some new tendencies & trends in Web Design and how we adapted to it. 2013 was an year which showed many dynamic trends in web design especially in area of responsive website development. Some of them definitely fade out and as far as we have seen 2014 comes up showing it’s own characteristics also.

So what are the website design trends of 2014 till now?

Endless Scrolling as a new design trend

There was a time when we had a home page design as a navigator to other inner pages which stored all those important information which most of us will not even notice since we never reached that page. There comes the importance of scrolling down website design since most people love doing that either from PC or from the touch pad devices which makes it even easier to scroll. Another aspect of this scrolling website design is it’s not the conventional scrolling design with endless text content. Best website designers can present it precisely organized and formatted which makes it super easy to read and understand.

Flat website design

Flat Design was one of the biggest trends seen in 2013 and it grows even stronger of being one of the web design trend in 2014. Most of them shows Apple as an example of successfully going through flat website design. Flat design gets rid of 3D graphics and gradients and uses flat shapes and indicating elements which gives the user better accessible experience.

Artistic Fonts becomes even acceptable in web design

It’s been said that typography do affect conversion rate. Artistic fonts used in web design have introduced a big world of creativity making new generation website designs even more attractive. As a result of this web designers are not limited to using a few fonts and we have lot of successful website designs features creative and unique font usage. Web design companies can do branding of client business by using unique fonts and make it familiar over the internet

Hero Areas gives the website design some suspense

Websites with top of the webpage containing a large attractive image and an even attractive sentence has been a web design trend of 2013 and it continues. The basic idea is adapted from the print design and is implemented to grab some attention and make an impression. Along with building some curiosity it gives the visitor a brief idea of what the website is all about. The usage of a stunning image and a catchy and matching bit of text will do a lot to leave a huge impact in the heart of the visitor. But a good web development company make sure that they leave a clear shot idea of what the website provide immediately after the hero area to keep the visitor go ahead with the website.

Interactive Web Designs

Making a visitor engage in the website content is a major purpose of any business website design and this engagement helps to build an emotional connection. The need of making the website even more mobile friendly have eliminated website design using flash and introduced combination of HTML5 and CSS3 which delivers some sweet simple animation and makes the user interact. Some small games, animated buttons etc will give the user an experience to remember about your website. But be strict before it goes that heavy to affect the loading speed driving the users prank because most of the people, including designers hate waiting.

These are few of those website design trends noticed and we are sure you have many more to contribute.  Cedar Software Technologies being a successful webdesign company of Cochin have been able to stay up to date with these latest trends and techniques with a team of experienced and creative web developers in Cochin. Go ahead and add your valuable suggestions as trends you have noted during your web search and let us improve even better.

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