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The way in which technology has paced up in the world has now made it mandatory that everyone is a part of it. While it has made life a lot easier, it has also empowered the nation in umpteen ways. While the richer section of the society has adapted to it, there still remains a set of people who are to be educated about it as well as are to be provided the access to technology. Kerala, the state down south of India has also made way to this empowerment that has turned on to each district and the rural population in the same place.

It simply implies the availability of the Internet in all parts of the country and a competitive world that is well versed with the technology. Various initiatives in our country have set off as well wherein they get to the rural outskirts of India to make the people residing in those places, digitally literate. It has estimated a target of 6 crore people whereas there are several other awareness camps that are being set up now in order to educate the people in rural households.

As this education adds on, a person is being open to a lot of other opportunities as well where they might even end up working in the same sector. In a world where we had Digital Marketing pacing up at a high level, the web developing sectors have opened up jobs in plenty.  It is indeed a job that is still developing and the people involved in it are facing a day to day challenge to experience and learn better. Most of the places in Kerala have already begun providing jobs in web application development company in Kochi and several other districts which are certainly the beginning of an era that is yet to experienced by the people residing in India.

While a lot of governments services are being technologically implemented, it has made it a lot easier to access it sitting at home. An array of services like DigiLocker is available to the people where they can store details of confidential documents like Passport, Adhaar card and  Pan card.

In fact, foreign countries like UK and Canada have conveyed their strong support over the same and India has also received investments from various part of the world to bring it up to a level where the technology-enhanced country of India as a whole can increase the connectivity and enable friendly benefits from it as well. Digital India is hence about empowering the entire country with technology and this is indeed entitled to make India one of those countries, that would be functioning just a click away, making everything accessible in a quicker and easier way.



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  1. You are definitely the right people for post good article about evolutionary changes in the technical side of our country. This helps people understanding about the technology paradigm!

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