Social Listening: How to use Social Media for Market Research and Insights

Social Listening: How to use Social Media for Market Research and Insights

Do you have any idea on how to use Social Media for Market Research and Insights? Welcome to Social listening!
Cedar Software Technologies, premier Web design & digital marketing agency in Kochi shares an overview on Social listening. Just read on…

A powerful technique in digital marketing, Social listening makes use of the extensive information shared on social media platforms to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, market trends, and brand perception. It entails monitoring and analysing conversations, mentions, and discussions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & others.

Here’re some key steps to follow in social listening:

Social Listening

  • Define Objectives: Initially outline the goals you want to achieve through social listening be it in understanding customer preferences, tracking competitors, or identifying emerging trends.
  • Select the Right Tools: Brandwatch, Hootsuite, and Mention are some of the social listening tools available. Sentiment analysis, trend tracking, and competitor analysis are featured in these tools. Choose the right tools that align with your objectives and budget.
  • Choose Relevant Keywords: Generate a list of relevant keywords, phrases, and hashtags that are related to your industry, products, and target audience. These keywords will help you monitor social media conversations that matter to your business.
  • Monitor Channels: Check out social media platforms where your target audience is most active & focus your efforts on the platforms that align with your audience.
  • Listen Actively: Utilising your chosen tools regularly monitor social media conversations. Search for discussions about your brand, products, industry trends, and competitors. Both positive and negative sentiments matter.
  • Analyse Sentiments: Using sentiment analysis determine whether mentions are positive, negative, or neutral and use this data to measure public perception of your brand and products. This will help you address issues and benefit from positive feedback.
  • Identify Trends: Social listening helps to identify emerging trends, topics, and hashtags that are gaining prominence in your industry and you can adjust your marketing strategies and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Competitor Analysis: You can monitor what your competitors are doing and how customers are responding with social listening. With this you can identify gaps in the market, benchmark your performance, and refine your products or services.
  • Engage with Customers: You can engage with customers apart from data collection with social listening. It is an opportunity to respond to mentions, answer queries, and address concerns promptly along with building a positive brand image and enhancing customer loyalty.
  • Refine Strategies: Social listening insights can influence your marketing and business strategies and you can adapt your messaging, content, and campaigns based on this feedback and trends.
  • Measure Results: You can track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your social media efforts with social listening.

Social listening is an ongoing process and you should stay up-to-date with evolving trends to maintain its effectiveness. As a leading web design company in Kochi, Cedar systematically monitors and analyses conversations, sentiments, and trends to draw valuable insights into digital marketing for your business. Contact us today to know more.

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