Responsive webdesign – because people expect you to have one

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The world of internet always adapted to progressive changes and its sudden advancement to responsive webdesign is one of them. No matter what products and services you offer, internet evidently has became a huge market place to advertise and put up them for sale. That’s exactly the reason for most of the organizations to set up their virtual shops and manages to reach millions of customers and users worldwide through web.
2012 was expected to show huge increase rate in purchase in PC’s, but i never happened. The major reason for that was people’s increased demand for smart phones and tablets. The high end features they offered definitely changed the expectation about a website itself and responsive web design was introduced.
What will be the future concepts of responsive websites? That indeed is a question. We have seen that around 30% of the internet traffic these days are generated from tablets or smart phones. This rate is expected to cross 50% in the coming years. That means more than half of the traffic will be from numerous types of devices with various characteristics. In that case the conventional concept of website appearance and we need to design websites responsive to various devices.
Social networking sites, the booking sites, e-learning, e-commerce, and portals are the websites commonly used on the go by most of the end users. So a website must work equally well on devices that have various size,resolution and quality. Finding a responsive website which is usable from any devices will increase the reputation and expectation of a company.
 Some say that responsive website development is difficult and expensive. But consider the fact that once your website is responsive and compatible with every device, you can relay on the same website and no need to design many for various  devices.  Mobile users will expect the mobile websites to be easily found, load fast and easy to use. Responsive webdesign also optimize content for smaller screens to allow the users of mobile websites to easily access the websites.
Portals, e-commerce websites etc will find it difficult to work with out responsive websites since each visit counts for them to increase the rate of ROI. Highly secured money transfer systems introduced definitely helped the online shopping rate and the trades also. So these sites will desperately need responsible websites to go forward with their business online.
If the user finds your website working fine every time they login and is easy and efficient for usage they will consider you reliable and up to date. This in increase chances of visitors turning customers. So always go for a responsive webdesign if you are planning to design a website for your business.

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