Phases of a Successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Pay Per Click(PPC) management company

Search result page is one of the crowded space over the internet where it is highly difficult to stay on top.  Pay per click campaigns helps you to place your ad on top of the search results and thus drive more valuable traffic for your website. But it’s not an easy task to maintain a good PPC ad since the competition is very high to get on top. The short message that you present in the ad is the most important thing because it’s that what makes the visitor engage with the content. Sounds complex? Then this post is for you

Awareness phase : Make sure your ad is visible

While you run a PPC campaign make sure your ad is visible, most probably on top of the paid search results. That’s the first thing to be ensured because you need an ad that people that can in order make it effective.  The visual appeal of your PPC ad is important because that’s what makes the user to click. So make sure your ad contain keywords that most people search. The phrase that the user searched will be shown in bold in your ad and that will attract the user.

Interest phase : Make your PPC campaign appealing

As we have said, search result is a crowded space and we need to make our ad stand out in crowd by making sure that it communicate simply and effectively with the user. The best thing is to ensure your ad convey your message directly. These factors are important

  • Say what makes you different, if you offer any special discounts shout it in your ad message.
  • Enhance trust : Use any of your copyright or trade mark symbols to showcase credibility. There are lot of spam out there and people love to choose those who are trustworthy.
  • Use a readable url in your ppc ads to make sure the users can understand clearly where the ad leads to
  • Include a call to action like “contact us” or “call us now” will tempt your prospect to check out your ad

Desire Phase : Landing page of PPC campaign

Landing page is where the click on the PPC ad leads the prospect. Make sure the landing page of your website is well designed and makes a strong connection with the prospect. Make sure the heading of the landing page matches those words on the PPC ad to make the user confident about they reached the exact place. Clearly communicate all those offers you promised in the message of the ad. Try adding user reviews on the page to build trust. And always make sure your landing page design is visually attractive and makes the user engage for a long time.

Action Phase: Make it easy to shake hands

Your buyer has found you through a PPC ad campaign, acknowledged their interest by clicking on your ad and even browsed your site to further examine what you offer. If they are satisfied with your prospectus now the crucial thing is to make sure that they can easily take that action that you want. In order to do that make sure

  • Your call to action is effectively positioned and obvious.
  • Ensure consistency by providing exactly what you offered in the PPC ads,
  • you have a simple and linear check out plan which provide the user a enjoyable buying experience.

So if you are planning to start a PPC campaign for your company or website makes sure your campaign pass through all these phases or else seek the help of an expert PPC management Company and make your campaigns effective and ensure return of investment.

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