3 Simple Reasons that Makes Your Website Fail to Gain Conversions

Most of you might be having websites for your business already.  But the big question is whether or not it is producing worth leads for your business.  When you just put a website up, you can’t expect it to magically generates clientele.  Below given are 3 possible reasons behind why your website can’t generate traffic and conversions

People not able to find your company website

Your website may perhaps be the most excellent thing out there, but if your potential market can’t find it; it won’t matter.  Search engines are the primary source of internet traffic and it require a lot of attention. Optimally you wish for your business on the first page of your targeted keywords.  These targeted keywords are not only your business name, but also your products and  services you offer.

Social media is an additional key traffic resource that you should be leveraging.  Both Twitter and Facebook are best sources of making your presence strong and regular.  Also note here that this is hard work maintaining a social media presence.  You can’t simply create an account an anticipate public to follow you, so engage with some effective social media marketing strategists.

The most important things about this is you should immediately start doing these or else you will be way behind your competitors. So use all your resources to make a presence online and making use of your present physical marketing strategies like paper ads, classifieds, ad boards, etc will also be advised.


Your website don’t have updated content

Do you update content in your website?  And if you do, how often you do that?  You have to to find some technique to get people coming back to your website. When your visitor comes back to your site after a month, make sure your homepage have some updated content.  The next are a couple suggestions to keep things looks fresh:

  • Maintain a blog about your particular proficiency
  • Testimonials of your happy clients
  • Run an attractive contest
  • Company news –  make sure something interesting
  • Upcoming events
  • Product/Service Special

Your webdesign is not effective to make visitors engage

Design is a huge part of your first impression. You will get only few seconds to convince a visitor that you have some awesome content in your website about your products and services.  Did you know the a large amount clicked button on a web browser is the “Back” button?  People will hit the back button if somewhat doesn’t grab their attention in that split second. So make sure your website design is attractive and makes a big impression in the minds of the visitors and you can do it with the help of your web design company.

But never make things too flashy in your website design. Make things simple and yet that attracts and convince the user. Make sure you provide a better user experience by easy navigation, useful images etc.

Online traffic is a vast resource for any business and an official website with that can attract traffic is the most important factor for accessing that resource. So don’t wait to get your business website redesigned if it is not working for you. 

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  1. A very intersting and helpful blog content knowledge provided. Really much appriciated about web designing and development.
    Keep posting more about web development. The new thing I have found in this blog is about make visitors engage.
    Well written.

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